Autofocus Points

Discover the role of autofocus points in achieving crisp, clear images with your camera, regardless of the model or brand you prefer.

The Basics of Autofocus Points

Autofocus points are the little helpers in your camera's viewfinder. They grab onto your subject to make sure your photo is focused exactly where you want it to be.

The Inner Workings of Autofocus Points

These points can either split light to quickly find focus, known as phase detection, or measure contrast in the scene, known as contrast detection. Both methods aim to bring your subject into sharp relief.

The Impact of Autofocus Point Count

A higher number of autofocus points opens up greater flexibility, allowing your camera to latch onto subjects quickly, even in low light. Fewer points can still yield great results; they just work a bit differently.

  • With fewer points, cameras can struggle more with action shots or dim settings but excel in still photography with good lighting.
  • Cameras with more points are adept at following the action, wherever it goes, and nailing focus even when the light isn't ideal.


Whether your camera has a few points or many, knowing how to use them effectively can sharpen your photography skills and help you capture the moments that matter.