Sample images (Gallery)

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An electronics sales man

Cardboard with yellow tape

Lady in blue is showing the way

A cute French Bulldog puppy is sitting on his pillow

A cool guy in the subway, all dressed in yellow

Man holding a Verizon phone at phone booth

Customer is looking at the meat being cooked

Seats in the subway

View from Gokyo Ri

A dentist is examing a male patient

Man reading his news paper in subway

Squirrel with hazelnut

The classic yellow NYC cab, with yellow background

Pastor is reading the Bible

Traffic lights in New York

Two rottweiler puppys behind a wooden fence

Girl is looking at girl with a coffee cup

A female model and brunette with curly hair

City Lights and Empire State Building in the background

A Weimaraner looking up at the camera

NYC buildings

Carpenter is using a grinder to cut some metal

Computer specialist at his repair studio

A small Maltese puppy in the grass

Tourist taking picture of his wife dressed as Statue of Liberty

Man relaxing with Converse shoes

Airline Pilot is approaching New York in his simulator

Busy crossing at 5th Avenue and E 58 Street

A frustrated Traffic Officer

Woman stops buy an older camera guy