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A female model and brunette with curly hair

A frustrated Traffic Officer

A cow is laying among garbate at a Kathmandu street

A woman in red

Young boy walking in the middle of the street

Soldier is hiding behind some rubble

Soon she will arrive to her dream destination

Nepalese Book Store

Cinema Entrance Lights at night

Man is looking at colorful door

A young guy finally gets to experience a big city

Airline Pilot is approaching New York in his simulator

A Pembrok Welsh Corgi is running on the railroad tracks while it is raining

Business man drinking a Diet Coke

Lady in blue is showing the way

A dentist is examing a male patient

A man is sittning outside of a restaurant

Chef in his workspace - the restaurant kitchen

Guy at phone booth and a extra pair of eyes

An asian couple regrets not taking the English class

Seats in the subway

Busy street of New York

Man walking the streets of New York

Even a street performer is tired after a days work

Nepalese gentleman is looking out of window

A buffalo farmer is plowing a wet field

Cardboard with yellow tape

Man is resting on subway

Man is pulling a heavy cart while smoking

An electronics sales man