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A lady in veil is removing her sunglasses

Traffic lights in New York

Business man at Wall Street

Girl relaxing on sofa

Canon photographer with his Canon EF 400mm f/2,8 IS USM telephoto lens

Soldier is hiding behind some rubble

Yellow I LOVE NY-cups

A couples feet in the subway

An electronics sales man

Woman stops buy an older camera guy

Piles of garbage outside a McDonalds restaurant

Budapest at night

Chef in his workspace - the restaurant kitchen

Looking at the people across the subway tracks

Doll is reaching out

Man with crutches walking inside a park

A Golden Retriever puppy is sitting in his food tray

Woman walks the streets of New York

Surgeon and Surgery Nurses working together

View from Gokyo Ri

A frustrated Traffic Officer

A cute puppy with necklace

A Labrador Retriever is getting a small snack

Place to read the papers

Man sitting inside a colorful kiosk

House with fire espaces

Computer specialist at his repair studio

A ten week old Golden Retriever puppy

The traffic is busy at Times Square at night

Gentleman lightning his pipe