Sample images (Gallery)

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The classic yellow NYC cab, with yellow background

Nepalese lady among flowers

Siluette of a typical New York building

Food corner in Kathmandu

Chef in his workspace - the restaurant kitchen

Squirrel with hazelnut

Son is showing the way to his parents

DJ with a tattoo on his forearm at his Pioneer mixer table

Guy with garbage can wears red and smokes

Two girls are frightened by street performer

A trader at a desk with three monitors and a laptop

Dachshund puppy

View from Gokyo Ri

Two rottweiler puppys behind a wooden fence

Hotel Receptionist is answering the phone

Computer Specialist is inserting a new graphic card into his computer

Customer is looking at the meat being cooked

Nepalese gentleman with colorful clothing

Even a street performer is tired after a days work

A gentelmen that is smoking

Guy that smokes is looking at a lady that also smokes

Female Fire Fighter with red nail polish

A female model and brunette with curly hair

Man is resting on subway

Man walking the streets of New York

Budapest at night

Guy with crutches taking a break

Surgeon and Surgery Nurses working together

Guy is resting at table in room with yellow walls

Best friends looking out over the lake