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Different type of lenses

Wide Angle Lenses
Wide Angle Lenses with Fisheye-character
Normal Lens
Macro Lens
Superzoom Lens
Telephoto Lenses
Tilt Shift Lenses


A lens is born
Camera Lens Anatomy

The aperture

The aperture (general information)
Aperture value and shutter speed
Aperture value and depth of field

Focal Length

The image looks different at different focal length
Focal length and field of view
Camera selection can affect the focal length


Autofocus motor in either camera or lens is important

Image Stabilizer

See article


See if a camera and a lens can be combined


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Lens Hood

See article


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Tripod Mount

See article

Taking care of the lens

Cleaning your lens

General buying advice

Should I consider buying a pre-owned lens?


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