Just stepped into the world of photography? Great choice! In this School-section, we've written detailed articles to help you learn about cameras, lenses, and the essential accessories that complement them. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your knowledge, there's something here for everyone. Dive into the sections below to better understand photography and the content of Lensora.

Articles that covers both Cameras and Lenses

Here, we chat about how cameras and lenses work together. Want to know if your camera and lens play well together? Or why some of them feel heavy? We've got answers. Plus, there are tips on keeping your gear clean, understanding their prices, and even some fun facts!

Autofocus Motor
Camera and Lens Weight
Canon Lens Compatibility Chart
Canon Lens Compatibility Checker
Canon Lens Mount Adapter EF-EOS M
Canon Lens Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
Cleaning Cameras and Lenses
Fujifilm Lens Compatibility Chart
Fujifilm Lens Compatibility Checker
Fun Facts
Image Stabilization CIPA Rating
Nikon Lens Compatibility Chart
Nikon Lens Compatibility Checker
Nikon Lens Mount Adapter FTZ
Sony Lens Compatibility Chart
Sony Lens Compatibility Checker
Sony Lens Mount Adapter LA-EA5
Tripod Mount
Weather Sealing

Articles about Cameras

Cameras come in different shapes and sizes. We dig into the basics like what's the difference between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. But we don't stop there. Dive into cool features like GPS, touchscreens, and how cameras save pictures. Whether you're new to photography or have some experience, this section has lots of useful info.

Autofocus Modes
Autofocus Points
Battery Life CIPA Ratings
Built-in Flash
Built-in Flash Range
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Speakers
Buying Pre-Owned Cameras
Crop Factor
Crop Factor (Canon)
Crop Factor (Nikon)
Custom White Balance
DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex)
DSLR vs Mirrorless
Exposure Compensation
External Flash
FPS/Frames per second (Continuous drive)
GPS Accessories
GPS Functionality
HDMI Output
Headphone Port
Image Processors
Image Stabilization (Cameras)
Lens Mount
Live View
Memory Cards
Metering Modes
Microphone Port
Remote Control Accessories
Remote Control Functionality
Sensor Sizes
Sensor Types
Shutter Speed
SLT (Single-Lens Translucent)
Uncompressed Picture Formats
Video Recording Formats
Video Recording Functionality
Video Recording Resolutions
Viewfinder Coverage
Viewfinder Magnification
Viewfinder Type
White Balance Presets
Wireless Accessories
Wireless Connection

Articles about Lenses

Lenses can be a bit tricky, but we're here to help. Find out what makes a lens great for close-ups or capturing wide scenes. Ever stood on a balcony and wondered which lens to use? We have practical examples for that! Learn about different types of lenses, and even get some tips if you're thinking of buying one.

Aperture (Depth of field)
Aperture (Shutter Speed)
APS-C Lenses
Buying Pre-Owned Lenses
Focal length and field of view
Focal length examples from a balcony
Focal length examples from a high balcony
Focal length examples from the stands
Focal length examples in a living room
Focal length examples standing on a street
Image Stabilization (Lenses)
Images look different depending on focal length
Lens Anatomy
Lens Hood
Lens Manufacturing
Lens Types: Macro Lenses
Lens Types: Normal Lenses
Lens Types: Superzoom Lenses
Lens Types: Telephoto Lenses
Lens Types: Tilt Shift Lenses
Lens Types: Wide Angle Lenses
Lens Types: Wide Angle Lenses with Fisheye-character
Macro 1:1
Variable Aperture

General Articles

And here are some other articles that is of a more general kind.

Street Photography

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