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Guide to Street photography

If you are interested in street photography you must read this guide.

Guide: Street photography

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Our gallery contains a lot of lovely images. If you click on an image, you will get more information about the picture and its camera and lens settings. You can also visit our Image gallery or view all sample images in a Image list.

Canon photographer with his Canon EF 400mm f/2,8 IS USM telephoto lens See camera and lens details
1/320s  135mm  f/5,6

Street performer is jumping over his friends See camera and lens details
1/2000s  110mm  f/2,8

Yellow sign with graffiti and stickers See camera and lens details
1/250s  16mm  f/5,6

Computer Specialist is inserting a new graphic card into his computer See camera and lens details
1/100s  50mm  f/4,5

A gentelmen that is smoking See camera and lens details
1/60s  16mm  f/2,8

Man holding a Verizon phone at phone booth See camera and lens details
1/800s  270mm  f/4,5