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Lensora and lensora.com were released at the beginning of 2012.

Purpose and objective

Viewing the world through a camera and its lens is a passion that many of us share. As a consumer, it may be difficult to know which lens you should buy because there are so many to choose from. If you visit the local photo dealer you can easily feel lost among all brands, types, specifications, and abbreviations. By gathering and collecting information about the most common lenses on the market we hope to help photographers find the right lenses. It shall be possible for the photographer to use Lensora as a starting point when a new lens is about to be purchased.


Lensora is intended for all photographers, owning cameras with interchangeable lenses.


Lensora was founded and is being run by Henrik Torner.

How did the idea of creating Lensora emerge?

Henrik got the idea of creating Lensora after self having spent several hours on Google, on webshops, at different sites and forums as well as searching for information on the lenses he was looking for.

- Why can you not gather all facts, compatibility charts, samples pictures, and other useful information in one place?

There the idea of creating a site like Lensora was founded.

The company behind Lensora

Photographer Henrik Torner

Henrik Torner, author of this article and founder of Lensora



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