Built-in Flash Range

Ever wondered how far your camera�s flash can reach? That�s what �flash range� is all about. Let's dive into what this means for your Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera's built-in flash and how it stacks up against external flashes.

What is Flash Range?

Simply put, flash range is how far the light from your flash can go to light up your subject. Built-in flashes have a certain reach, usually less than the more powerful external flashes, but they are still quite useful for many photography scenarios.

Measuring Flash Range

Flash range is measured in meters or feet and depends on factors like the flash's strength and your camera's ISO. Higher ISO levels can extend the flash range. Each flash has a 'guide number' which helps you calculate its range when you know the aperture setting you're using.

Comparing Built-in and External Flash Ranges

Built-in flashes generally have a shorter range than external ones, but they're great for quick shots or when you're on the move. External flashes pack more power and offer flexibility�like tilting to bounce light for a more natural look.

Maximizing Your Flash

Knowing your built-in flash�s limits is key to taking great photos in less-than-ideal lighting. While built-in flashes are convenient, adding an external flash to your kit can elevate your photography, giving you more control and range.


Your built-in flash is a handy tool for many lighting situations, but if you're looking to expand your photography, consider exploring external flash options for even more versatility.