FPS/Frames per second (Continuous drive)

Welcome to the ultimate guide where you?ll learn about camera speeds, burst mode, and frames per second (fps). Whether you?re holding your first camera or you?ve lost count, understanding these terms is key to capturing the moments that matter, just the way you want.

Camera Speeds & Burst Mode Explained

What do we mean by 'camera speed'? It?s the combination of how quickly your camera focuses, processes images, and, most importantly, takes multiple shots in succession. Burst mode, or continuous drive, is the camera?s ability to take several photos back-to-back with one press of the shutter button. And fps? It?s simple: it's the number of photos your camera can snap in a single second during burst shooting.

What?s Fast, What?s Slow?

Fast camera speeds start from 10fps and above, perfect for catching action without missing a beat. Less than that, say around 3fps, and you're in slower territory, which might be all you need for a still portrait or a serene landscape.

Choosing the Right Speed for Your Photography

Your choice of genre greatly influences the speed you?ll need:

  • Action Shots: Sports and wildlife photography require quick reflexes and even quicker cameras. With a high fps, you won?t miss that game-winning goal or rare bird in flight.
  • Still Life: For the more composed scenes of portraits and landscapes, a lower fps allows you to focus on crafting that perfect shot with attention to lighting and detail.


Understanding camera speeds, burst mode, and fps is crucial for picking the right equipment and settings for your photography needs. Balancing these elements according to the subject you?re shooting will lead to those impactful, memorable shots. As someone who?s navigated the camera world for years, I?ve seen firsthand how the right knowledge can transform your photography. Remember, it?s not just about having the best camera, but mastering how to use it.