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A blurry Yellow NYC cab
A buffalo farmer is plowing a wet field
A Bulldog is laying on the floor resting
A cool guy in the subway, all dressed in yellow
A couples feet in the subway
A cow is laying among garbate at a Kathmandu street
A cute French Bulldog puppy is sitting on his pillow
A cute puppy with necklace
A Dalmatian with tongue on nose
A dentist is examing a male patient
A Doberman with tongue hanging out
A female model and brunette with curly hair
A fisherman is heading out in the morning and laying out his nets
A frustrated Traffic Officer
A gentelmen that is smoking
A Golden Retriever puppy is sitting in his food tray
A Labrador Retriever is getting a small snack
A lady in veil is removing her sunglasses
A lady, with yellow details, with child and family
A man is sittning outside of a restaurant
A Pembrok Welsh Corgi is running on the railroad tracks while it is raining
A Siberian Husky at the lake
A small Maltese puppy in the grass
A snowy St Bernard
A software developer is coding on his Macbook Pro
A ten week old Golden Retriever puppy
A trader at a desk with three monitors and a laptop
A trio of ladies with very different facial expressions
A Weimaraner looking up at the camera
A wet Golden Retriever puppy
A woman in red
A young guy finally gets to experience a big city
Airline Pilot is approaching New York in his simulator
An asian couple regrets not taking the English class
An asian teacher is educating her students in the forest
An electronics sales man
Architects are reviewing their project
Best friends looking out over the lake
Bored men while their women goes shoe shopping
Budapest at night
Business man at Wall Street
Business man drinking a Diet Coke
Busy crossing at 5th Avenue and E 58 Street
Busy street of New York
Candy for sale
Canon photographer with his Canon EF 400mm f/2,8 IS USM telephoto lens
Cardboard with yellow tape
Carpenter is using a grinder to cut some metal
Chef in his workspace - the restaurant kitchen
Cinema Entrance Lights at night
City Lights and Empire State Building in the background
Computer specialist at his repair studio
Computer Specialist is inserting a new graphic card into his computer
Construction Worker takes a break
Customer is looking at the meat being cooked
Dachshund puppy
DJ with a tattoo on his forearm at his Pioneer mixer table
Doll is reaching out
Dough and flour on table
Eiffel Tower
Electrician in glasses is adjusting a wall outlet
Electricity network in Kathmandu
Escalator in a New York store
Even a street performer is tired after a days work
Female Fire Fighter with red nail polish
Food corner in Kathmandu
Gentleman is sleeping on subway after a working day
Gentleman lightning his pipe
Girl is arguing with parents
Girl is looking at girl with a coffee cup
Girl relaxing on sofa
Girl running around Central Park
Guy at phone booth and a extra pair of eyes
Guy inspecting his wallet among ruins
Guy is resting at table in room with yellow walls
Guy is running on the sidewalk
Guy taking a picture outside of a bank
Guy that smokes is entering a red car
Guy that smokes is looking at a lady that also smokes
Guy with crutches taking a break
Guy with garbage can wears red and smokes
Homeless person at Canal Street Station
Hotel Receptionist is answering the phone
House with fire espaces
Ladder 54 to the rescue
Lady in blue is showing the way
Lady is inspecting her nails
Looking at the people across the subway tracks
Man eating pizza on the streets while people passing by
Man holding a Verizon phone at phone booth
Man in blue shirt is talking in his phone
Man in white shirt and glasses
Man is looking at colorful door
Man is pulling a heavy cart while smoking
Man is reading book and drinking coffee on the subway
Man is reading news paper
Man is resting on subway
Man reading his news paper in subway
Man relaxing with Converse shoes
Man sitting inside a colorful kiosk
Man walking the streets of New York
Man with crutches walking inside a park
Man with sun in his face
Mannequins lined up inside store
Meat market on the streets of Kathmandu
Musician in Central Park
Naked Cowgirl reveals a bit too much
Nepalese Book Store
Nepalese gentleman is looking out of window
Nepalese gentleman with colorful clothing
Nepalese lady among flowers
NYC buildings
Old lady in fancy shoes with cane
Painter is painting outside a store
Pastor is reading the Bible
Patriotic lady at 9/11 ceremony
Person with skateboard on pedestrian crossing
Piles of garbage outside a McDonalds restaurant
Place to read the papers
Portrait of a female CEO
Seats in the subway
Shoe with yellow laces
Sign in yellow that says 'Bags 10 USD'
Siluette of a typical New York building
So close but yet so far
Soldier is hiding behind some rubble
Son is showing the way to his parents
Soon she will arrive to her dream destination
Sound producer at his mixing table
Squirrel with hazelnut
Street performer is jumping over his friends
Surgeon and Surgery Nurses working together
Tattoo Artist is working in his studio
Teaching in front of her class and students are raising their hands
The classic yellow NYC cab
The classic yellow NYC cab, with yellow background
The side of a building is covered in glass
The traffic is busy at Times Square at night
Tiger swimming in swamp
Times Square at night
Tourist taking picture of his wife dressed as Statue of Liberty
Traffic lights in New York
Two boys in Kathmandu
Two gentelmen that living different lives
Two girls are frightened by street performer
Two guys taking pictures at opposite directions
Two rottweiler puppys behind a wooden fence
Typical New York food stand with pretzel
View from Gokyo Ri
Woman stops buy an older camera guy
Woman walks the streets of New York
Worker in jeans and Caterpillar boots
Yellow cab with damaged bumber
Yellow I LOVE NY-cups
Yellow sign that says Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Yellow sign with graffiti and stickers
Young boy walking in the middle of the street