Tripod Mount

A tripod mount is the threaded screw hole located under your camera so that it can be mounted on a tripod. When, for example, the nature photographer leaves on a quiet morning, the tripod often has to follow. To be able to take pictures with slightly longer shutter speeds, completely without shaking, the photographer uses a tripod. The camera with its lens (eg wide-angle or standard lens) is mounted on the tripod, by unscrewing the screw in the main part of the tripod, into the tripod mount on the camera. The camera has now been fixed to the tripod and is stable. This works really well in most cases, but if the lens is long and heavy, you have to be careful.

If the lens is large and heavy, the center of gravity moves further towards the front of the lens and imbalance may occur. If the center of gravity is moved far enough forward, the imbalance can become so great that the entire camera and lens stand overturns and your equipment can be damaged. To prevent this from happening, the larger and heavier lenses come equipped with separate tripod mounts (with the same type of thread as the camera above) that are used instead of the camera's tripod mount, moving the center of gravity toward the center of the lens and eliminating the imbalance.

Tripod mount on Canon
Tripod Mount on Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS II USM
Tripod Mount on Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4 G IF-ED VR II

On several of the larger lenses, the tripod mounts are removable. They can look like the picture below and are mounted on the camera when the lens is disconnected.

Tripod Mount Canon C-ring

If you are going to use a tripod, always use the lens stand mount, if one is available. The manufacturer of the lens has carefully studied the weight and center of gravity of the lens and, if necessary, equipped it with a tripod mount; therefore use this for the sake of your equipment.

Five examples of lenses with tripod mount

See all lenses with tripod mounts or see some examples below.

Nikon AF 200mm f/4 ED-IF Micro
Sigma EX 70-200mm f/2,8 II APO HSM DG Macro
Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4 D IF-ED II
Canon EF 180mm f/3,5 L Macro USM
Tamron AF 70-200/2,8 LD IF Di Macro

More samples

Tripod Mount on Canon EF 70-200mm f/2,8 L USM
Tripod Mount on Nikon AF-S 400mm f/2,8 D IF-ED II
Tripod Mount on Sigma EX 120-300mm f/2,8 DG OS APO HSM
Tripod Mount on Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2,8 G IF-ED VR II
Tripod Mount on Canon EF 200mm f/2 L IS USM
Tripod Mount on Tamron SP 200-500mm f/5-6,3 Di LD IF