Viewfinder Coverage

Curious about why your pictures include bits you didn't see through your camera's viewfinder? It's all about viewfinder coverage. Let's simplify it and see why it's key to taking great photos.

Viewfinder Coverage Basics

Viewfinder coverage is the part of your scene that you can see through your camera's viewfinder. Full coverage, at 100%, means you'll capture exactly what you see. Most cameras offer slightly less, like 95%, so the final photo includes a bit more around the edges.

Different Viewfinders, Different Views

Not all cameras provide full scene coverage in the viewfinder due to design and cost. A less than 100% view lets you capture a bit more than what you see, which could be helpful or a little surprising once you look at the photo.

The Effect of Viewfinder Coverage on Photography

Knowing your camera's viewfinder coverage can impact how you take pictures:

  • Framing Your Shots: With full coverage, your framing is spot-on. With less, be ready for a little extra in every shot.
  • More to Edit: Less coverage means more room to crop and tweak your photos afterward.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Extras: If your viewfinder doesn't show everything, you might capture a few surprises.

Picking the Perfect Camera

Whether you prefer exact framing or extra room for post-shot edits, understanding viewfinder coverage is crucial in choosing a camera that meets your needs.


A clear grasp of viewfinder coverage will improve your photo-taking process, no matter your experience level. Remember, your viewfinder is a window to creativity, so get to know it well!