Viewfinder Type

Embark on a journey to understand viewfinders across modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras. We'll cover what a viewfinder is, its purpose, and the different types available, helping you to take the perfect shot.

The Role of a Viewfinder in Photography

A viewfinder is your camera's window to the world, allowing you to frame and anticipate your shot with precision. It's where you'll see a live preview of your image, along with useful information like exposure settings.

Using the Viewfinder Effectively

Looking through the viewfinder, you get a stable, distraction-free view of your subject. This is essential for composing your images, especially when photographing fast-moving subjects or in bright light conditions.

Discovering the Types of Viewfinders

Different cameras have different types of viewfinders, each with its own benefits. Let's explore what sets them apart:

Electronic Viewfinders (EVF)

Found in many mirrorless cameras, EVFs display a digital preview of your scene, showing you exactly what your photo will look like with current camera settings.

Canon's EVF-DC2 Accessory

For cameras without a built-in viewfinder, like some in Canon's M series, the EVF-DC2 is an attachable option that offers the convenience of an EVF.

Optical Viewfinders: Pentamirror and Pentaprism

Pentamirror viewfinders, common in entry-level DSLRs, are lightweight and cost-effective, while pentaprism viewfinders in higher-end models provide a brighter and sharper view.

The Niche of Tunnel Viewfinders

While not common in DSLRs, tunnel viewfinders are found in some compact cameras and are useful in bright light where digital screens may be hard to see.

Sony's High-Resolution EVFs

Sony's Alpha mirrorless cameras are known for their high-resolution EVFs, which offer features like focus peaking and real-time exposure previews.

Fujifilm's Unique Viewfinder Offerings

Fujifilm has made a name for itself with its hybrid viewfinders, particularly in the X-Series cameras. These innovative viewfinders combine the capabilities of both optical and electronic viewfinders. Photographers can switch between an electronic display or an optical view, which includes electronic overlays of shooting information – the best of both worlds. This feature caters to those who appreciate the classic feel of an optical viewfinder but also desire the modern conveniences of an EVF.


No matter if you're using a Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fujifilm, the viewfinder is a key feature of your camera that helps in capturing images just as you envision them. It's an essential tool for photographers looking to elevate their craft.