Built-in Microphone

Good video is nothing without good audio. That's why camera giants have stepped up their game with built-in microphones in both DSLR and mirrorless models. Let?s dive into what these mics offer and how they stand up to external options.

The Rise of Built-in Microphones

As video became a staple in photography, cameras got an audio upgrade. The built-in mics in today's cameras do a decent job for everyday video, capturing sound from all around and reducing noise where they can.

Comparing Mics: Built-in vs. External

Built-in mics are convenient, but they can also grab sound you don't want, like background noise and camera operations. That?s where external mics come in?they give clearer sound and can be placed just where you need them, targeting exactly what you want to record.

Choosing the Right Microphone for Your Camera

If you're just capturing memories or starting in videography, your camera's built-in mic might suffice. But for top-notch audio quality, especially in professional projects, you'll want to look at external microphone options.


Whether you go built-in or external, knowing how your camera captures sound is key to creating videos that sound as good as they look. The right choice depends on what you're shooting and how you want it to sound.