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Canon EF-S 60mm F2.8 USM Macro Review

General information

This is a prime lens manufactured by Canon and the lens was released 2005.
The lens belongs to the category standard prime lenses, a normal lens where you do not have the possibility to zoom in and out.

The lens has macro-capabilities and is able to reproduce things in their true size (1:1) which is good, it tends to be the rule for calling a lens a 'true' macro lens.

Product description from Canon

At launch 2005 Canon wrote this regarding Canon EF-S 60mm F2.8 USM Macro :

"Canon’s EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM, a medium-length macro lens for EF-S lens-compatible digital SLR cameras, marks the first macro lens in the company’s EF-S series lineup. Accordingly, the lens is ideally suited for use with the EOS Kiss Digital N, announced today, as well as the highly acclaimed EOS 20D advanced-amateur model launched in September 2004. The EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM utilizes a smaller image circle and a short back focal distance to enable macro photography up to life-size 1:1 magnification and a focal length equivalent to 96mm (35mm format), while also making possible a highly compact, lightweight design. The lens employs an inner focusing system in which the first lens group is fixed in position and the second through fourth lens groups move independently in a three-group floating system. This system, also featured in the EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens for 35mm cameras released in March 2000, combines high image quality at all focusing lengths with a 90 mm working distance in 1:1 macro mode, the longest in its class*. As a result, users need not worry about the front of the lens touching the subject when shooting macro photos. The EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM´s lens element positioning and lens coating have been optimized to ensure excellent color balance while minimizing the flare and ghosting that can easily occur when the lens is used with a digital camera. In consideration of the environment, the EF-S60mm f/2.8 Macro USM uses only lead-free glass optics and was designed in anticipation of the EU´s Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive, which is due to take effect in July 2006.

A thoroughly modern design that´s optimized for select Canon EOS digital SLRs. Its angle of view is equivalent to a 96mm lens on a 35mm camera, with a floating optical system that can focus down to full life-size (1:1) magnification. Inner focusing, driven by a silent and powerful ring-type USM, means the lens´ overall length never changes during focus. This lens is a wonderful multi-purpose lens that´s equally at home shooting macro shots, portraits or available-light photos. Like all Canon EF-S Lenses, its use is restricted to the EOS 20D, EOS Digital Rebel and EOS Digital Rebel XT cameras (as of February 2005)."

Compatibility, autofocus and focal length

This lens is designed and meant for Canon cameras with a smaller sensor (often referred to as 'APS-C') which means that the lens does not fit all camera models. By clicking on the link below you can make sure that the lens works with your camera model and you should do an additional check with your local dealer as well, before you buy the lens just to be sure.

The ability to use autofocus is available for all cameras.

The lens has a focal length of 60 mm. Since the lens is designed to be used on a camera with smaller sensor ('APS-C') the focal length will be equivalent to 96 mm on your Canon camera.

Lens brightness and image stabilizer

The lens brightness and aperture value is f/2,8.

This aperture value indicates that the lens is very bright.  This will make it so much easier shooting in darker environments where you do not want or can use flash lighting, for example in churches or at different sports venues.

The lens lacks image stabilization, which otherwise os good for avoiding the blur that can occur when using slow shutter speeds. Since the lens is bright, with good aperture value, the lack of image stabilization might not be that big of a deal, although a image stabilizer is always an advantage to have.

Filter and Lens Hood

The lens has a traditional filter thread on the front and its measuring 52 mm which also the filter you will use must have. If you use for example an UV filter can be a cheap insurance against scratches and dust.

There is a lens hood that fits the lens (model name "ET-67B") but unfortunately this is something that is not included when purchasing the lens and must be ordered and bought separately, as an accessory.

Images of Canon EF-S 60mm F2.8 USM Macro

In order to see larger product images of the lens, click the link below.

Things to consider before buying

Below you will find some summarized points and facts that can be considered as the 'pros and cons' of this lens. These are based entirely on the facts and values that are accessible through the lens specification, so we highly recommend that you also read the reported reviews available (see tab 'Reviews'); this in order to get a more complete view of the lens and its capabilities. Reviewer opinions reflect the lens, its use and its optical performance in a more accurate way, but any way - here a few different points to consider before buying this lens.

  • The price (more info)
  • The lens brightness, f/2,8
  • Manages to reproduce things at 1:1 (Macro)
  • Light weight (335 gr)
  • Works only on cameras with APS-C sensor
  • No lens hood is included
  • The lens is not sealed against moisture and dust

Our Review Ratings

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Overall rating 3 of 5

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