Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM Specifications

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Name Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM

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Manufacturer Canon
Release Date and Price
Release Year 1991
What is MSRP?
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Lens Type
Lens Type Telephoto Lens
Zoom or Prime Prime lens (no possibility to zoom)
Mount and Compatibility
Mount Canon (see compatible cameras)
Compatibility Works on all sensors (see compatible cameras)
Closest Focusing Distance 90 cm
Autofocus (AF) Yes
Built-in autofocus (AF) motor Yes (more info)
Maximum aperture f/2
Elements: 8 elements / 6 groups
Focal Length 100 mm

Depending on which camera this lens is used the focal length can seem different. This is because different camera sensors can have a slight crop factor and the focal length will be equivalent to:
  • 100 mm on Canon FF, Full frame
  • 130 mm on Canon APS-H
  • 160 mm on Canon APS-C
See list, camera for camera

Read more on the cameras impact on the perceived focal length
Diameter 75 mm
Length 73 mm
Weight 460 g (see the total weight, camera+lens)
Image stabilization No
Filter Filter Thread, 58 mm
Lens Hood ET-65 III (not included)
Tripod mount No (Read more)
Weather sealing No

Product description from Canon

At launch 1991 Canon wrote this regarding Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM :

"Despite the large maximum aperture, the lens remains compact. Lens group 5 moves for rear focusing, and sharp, crisp pictures are obtained at all apertures. The background blur is ideal for portraits. The USM autofocuses the lens quickly and quietly."

Product Page (Canon):

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