Wireless Camera Accessories

Wireless accessories for cameras are a boon to photographers and videographers alike, providing an array of features that enhance the creative process. These tools offer the freedom to shoot from afar, transfer photos with ease, and add smart functionality to your DSLR or mirrorless camera, regardless of the brand.

The Power of Going Wireless

Embracing wireless accessories opens up new possibilities:

  • Activate your camera's shutter remotely for those perfect, undisturbed shots.
  • Move photos to your devices without the clutter of cables.
  • Tag your images with location data to keep your adventures mapped out.
  • Gain full control over your camera settings from a distance.

Practical Applications for Wireless Accessories

Here's how wireless tech can be a game-changer in various photography niches:

  • Studio Photography: Remotely manage your camera to capture the perfect frame.
  • Wildlife Photography: Shoot without disturbing wildlife, staying hidden while you capture nature's raw beauty.
  • Event Photography: Quickly transfer images for immediate editing or client review, right from the field.

From personal experience, I've found wireless triggers indispensable for wildlife shoots where the slightest sound can mean a missed opportunity. These accessories have revolutionized the way we interact with our cameras and the environment we capture.


Whether you're a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, wireless camera accessories are essential tools that can greatly enhance your photographic workflow. They're the unsung heroes that bring a new level of convenience and control to your craft.

Canon Wireless Accessories


The Canon LC-5 is a wireless controller mainly designed for long-distance remote shooting. It's particularly useful for wildlife photography, where getting close to the subject might be challenging.

WFT Series

Canon's WFT (Wireless File Transmitter) series offers enhanced wireless functionalities.

  • WFT-E2 & WFT-E2 II: Introduced around the late 2000s, these units provide wireless image transfer and remote shooting capabilities.
  • WFT-E7: An upgrade from the E2 series, the E7 supports faster transfer rates and connects with various Canon cameras.
  • WFT-E8: A more recent model with faster speeds, greater compatibility, and built-in FTP transfer.

Nikon Wireless Accessories

WR Series

Nikon's WR series focuses on remote controls and transceivers.

  • WR-1: It's a wireless remote control set, allowing users to control camera settings and shutter remotely.
  • WR-R10: A wireless transceiver that pairs with other WR devices for flexible remote shooting options.

WT Series

The WT (Wireless Transmitter) series from Nikon primarily deals with wireless image transfer.

  • WT-4A: Designed for specific Nikon DSLRs, it facilitates wireless image transfer.
  • WT-5 & WT-5A: Advanced models with faster transfer rates and compatibility with more Nikon cameras.
  • WT-6A: One of the newer models in the series, offering even faster transfer rates.

WU Series

Nikon's WU series are compact wireless adapters for image transfer and remote shooting.

  • WU-1a: Designed for select Nikon cameras, enabling wireless image transfer and remote camera control via smartphones.
  • WU-1B: Similar to the WU-1a but compatible with different Nikon models.

Sony Wireless Accessories


The Sony RMT-P1BT is a wireless remote commander compatible with several Sony cameras. This Bluetooth remote allows users to control shutter, video recording, and other camera functions remotely.


This wireless radio commander from Sony offers comprehensive remote control over Sony flash units, enabling advanced flash setups without the need for cables or line-of-sight alignment.


Sonys WPS-10 is a wireless printing server designed to facilitate easy and quick photo prints directly from the camera to a compatible printer.